These are the most common questions my customers ask about my handyman services. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact .Lee

Q: How disruptive will my repairs be to normal day living?
A: I have a Workshop where a lot of work can be done to minimise any disturbances at your property.

Q: The job is really very small are you sure that you want to do it?
A: Yes, no job is too small.

Q: Do you charge a call out fee?
A: No.

Q: Are you going to charge me extra just because of where I live.
A: Being a Bayside resident, I too have received inflated prices because of where I live. You will be pleasantly surprised at my more than reasonable quotes.


Q: Who does the work once the quote is approved?
A: When you contact me at home repairs nailed you are dealing with the person who actually executes the work from start finish. Initial design concepts are often lost when dealing with large franchises, who send one person to do the quote and then a parade of different tradesmen to your house to complete the job.

Q: Can you do repairs to our business premises?
A: Yes, I can do maintenance and repairs to offices and business properties.

Q: My home has heritage features that need restoration, can you do this work?
A: Yes, I have a background in restoration of period homes, so I have experience and knowledge as well as a keen eye for detail.